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Division of Infection and Hematopoiesis

Suzu Lab is always keen to recruit  PhD students. 
please contact us.

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What's New​​

  • Mar.2023   An HIV-1 study using an iPD-derived macrophages has been published in J Leuco Biol. 

  • Oct.2022   Takuya Izumi joined our lab as Internship student 

  • Oct.2022   Ikuko Suzu joined our lab as Technical assistant

  • Oct.2022   Reem Mohamed joined our lab as D1

  • Aug.2022   The study on IL-32/HIV-1 has been published in J Immunol.

  • Dec.2021   The study of cell-to-cell transmission of HTLV-1 has been accepted to PLoS Pathogens.   

  • Dec.2021 Sara Mohamed joined our lab as D1

  • Oct.2021 Randa Ahmed Abdelnasser joined our lab as D1

  • Mar.2021 Takahashi's paper on rhesus macaque AIDS model (studied at UC Davis) has been accepted      to AIDS.

  • July.2020 The study on self-renewing macrophages has been published in Cell Death Discovery

  • July.2020 The study on HIV-1 and M-Sec has been accepted to Retrovirology

  • Mar.2020 Naofumi Takahashi Joined our lab as a assistant Professor

  • Oct.2019 Youssef Mohammed joined our lab as D1

  • Aug.2019 The study on IL-34 has been accepted to Clinical & Translational Immunology

  • Apr.2019  Since April 1, 2019, Center for AIDS Research in Kumamoto University and Center for Chronic       Viral Diseases in Kagoshima University have been merged and integrated to establish                               “Joint Research Center for Human Retrovirus Infection”.                                                                                        Due to this integration, we changed the name of Suzu project laboratory to Division of                                Infection and Hematopoiesis.

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